Keynote Lectures

The keynote lectures are also a part of the StuTS. With them we try to present some of the research fields of our university. Therefore, we also have keynote lectures with great topics for you.

On Thursday Prof. Birkner, chair of German Linguistics, will talk about Telemedizin: Gesprächsanalytische Studien zu Beteiligungsstrukturen (Abstract).

On Friday, the conference will begin with a keynote by Prof. Serreli, chair of Arabic Studies, on the topic of “Dialect contact in Egypt” (Abstract). This will be followed by Dr. Rüdiger from the English Linguistics Department with the topic “Eating for Your Pleasure – Exploring the Genre of Eating Shows” (Abstract). In the afternoon, Prof. Bieswanger, chair of English Linguistics, will have a keynote on the topic Applied Linguistics has really taken off (Abstract).

The Saturday will then be opened by a keynote by Dr. Kistler from the department of Intercultural German Studies on the topic of „In Krisen wie diesen …“ – Perspektiven einer Coronalinguistik (Abstract).